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Southeastern Aluminum Products

Did You Know?

The CrystalLine by-pass towel bar makes a great integral towel bar for sidelights on a CrystalLine Hinge unit.

If you are using 3/16" glass on the inline or return panels, install the CrystalLine towel bar onto the glass prior to glass installation.  Next, simply insert the vertical glazing vinyl as usual.  The bar can face the inside or the outside of the shower, without drilling holes, at whatever height you wish.

Two CrystalLine C-pull doors installed as French doors create an extraordinary bath environment.

Using the SEJ 119 Header and the SEJ 122 Steam Insert, a magnet is horizontally centered in the SEJ 122.  The standard frameless strike seal (also known as "bubble seal") is inserted on each side of the magnet. Strike plate holders, or merely the strike plates themselves, are attached on the top corners of the doors to provide positive closure.  With the proper manipulation, this same configuration can be used in ADA applications.

You can manipulate the degree of metal reveal on a CrystalLine hinge door with inline panel installation by replacing the SEJ 110 H-Post with a SEJ 111 Snap Post.

This piece tucks nicely inside the strike jamb, producing a reveal approximately one inch less than the standard H-Post.  To attach the SEJ 111 to the SEJ 105 Strike Jamb, you must use a #8 x 1/4" panhead screw or you risk breaking the glass.  Call customer service for panel width formula.